Who else keeps chickens?

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Who else keeps chickens? Empty Who else keeps chickens?

Post  LittleBrownFrog on Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:54 pm

We have three ex-battery hens in residence at the moment. We rescued three at the beginning of the summer in 2010, acquired another two soon afterwards (from a friend who had had some from the same rescue). Back down to three now though, having lost two over the last few months.
Anyone else got chickens?


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Who else keeps chickens? Empty Re: Who else keeps chickens?

Post  ChrisG on Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:12 pm

It is our dream to have chickens but we dont have any yet. We did have five black bantams about 20 years ago, but when we were getting ready to move house, we decided to let them go to another home, as we were going to be renting at first and didnt know quite what to expect. They were good layers though one was always going broody. However, we put that to good use - a friend of ours worked at the local park where they had some fancy bantams on display. Their success rate with the incubator they had was poor, so they asked if we would hatch some for them. They gave us about a dozen eggs; one or two didnt hatch didnt hatch; another one died; and one was killed by one of the other hens. We hadnt realised we ought to have separated them, but we did at that point and gave 8 or 9 healthy chicks back to the park.

However, just as soon as we can, we will be getting some and hopefully some rescue ones as well. Very Happy


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