Deodorising our homes

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Deodorising our homes Empty Deodorising our homes

Post  ChrisG on Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:27 am

Not that we have smelly home particularly, but there are times when there are smells we need to get rid of. I have just read an article about Febreze that suggests it is even less healthy than we might have originally thought. It apparently contains over 80 chemicals but P&G only tell you three! And of those a large proportion are apparently neuro toxins. That explains why the one time I used it, the next morning, I couldnt stand up straight and was behaving as though I was drunk! (No, I swear I hadnt touched a drop!)

Anyway, after reading the article, I thought I would look for alternatives and you know what? The answer is - houseplants! If we have houseplants such as you can get anywhere, they act as natural de-odorisers, not because of their smell/scent but because they do the same job Febreze, does without the chemicals.

Then of course, there is fresh air. Letting it into the house and putting stuff outside is good for them in terms of smells and freshness.

If things need to be washed, the using baking soda, or putting a bowl of it in say the fridge also gets rid of smells.

Well, I will certainly be trying some of those ideas (mind you, I dont fancy the chances of any houseplants here - I tend to forget to water them Embarassed )


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Deodorising our homes Empty Re: Deodorising our homes

Post  reikimum on Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:17 pm

I'm afraid i am terrible for having windows and the kitchen door open in all weathers to stop any doggy smells from building up (we have three).I usually sprinkle lavender around on the downstairs carpet before i hoover which is then sent into the air(depending on how efficient your hoover is!!) I have to say i cant stand the smell of most shop bought deoderisers and have yet to find one that you can spray a wet dog with lol!

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Deodorising our homes Empty Re: Deodorising our homes

Post  LittleBrownFrog on Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:08 am

I can't stand 'air freshener' type smells - some of the plug-in ones make me feel quite ill. I use bicarb and/or white vinegar, lots of fresh air (I'm another one who leaves the windows open as much as possible).
I use biological washing powder sometimes as well - usually for clearing up after a visit from the neighbour's cat, who feels the need to spray everything in sight.


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Deodorising our homes Empty Re: Deodorising our homes

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