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Post  HomeGrown on Tue May 26, 2015 9:00 pm

This year, the grass was quite late starting to grow. But now that it has, it seems a full time job keeping it cut. It takes a whole afternoon to cut the lawns here. There are three of them and they cover quite a large area.

I start cutting each year with the blade set as high as it will go. This leaves the grass about 1" to 1.5" high. It looks tidy, stays looking green, but gives it a 'haircut' so to speak. I mow it once a week in May and the early part of June. The height of the blades are gradually reduced, till the cut is less than 0.5"; the reduction is usually once a fortnight, so it gets two cuts at each height.

During the second half of June, throughout July and August, I try to cut the lawn twice a week. It doesn't always work out that way; sometimes it's more like twice in three weeks instead.

This year though, I am going to have to do some renovation too. I have put it off as scarifying and spiking by hand seems an enormous task, given the size of the area. But I think I have no choice now. So I will start with the smallest lawn. It is quite overgrown (if that's the right word) with moss, which usually indicates it is too dark, damp or lacking in drainage. As it was growing well when we first moved here, I don't think it is too dark. But the ground is quite compacted. Which means first, I have to rake out as much moss as I possibly can and, second, I have to spike the area with a garden fork all over, about every 4-6". I need to start asap; the job is going to take me until autumn to do all three lawns Shocked


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